Welcome to Serendipity SAORI Studio!


What is SAORI? 

SAORI is an art of handweaving that emphasizes creativity and free expression. Founded in Japan by Misao Jo over 40 years ago, the SAORI philosophy embraces the attitude that everyone can express oneself freely! There are no rules or samples to follow, and no mistakes—only possibilities. Skipped warp threads, using the beater with varying degrees of strength, playing with color and texture, all add interest to the overall piece. Each handwoven piece is unique, flowing from the heart.



SAORI is for Everyone!

SAORI looms are designed for all people:


  • If you are new to weaving, you will enjoy the ease of use.

  • If you are an experienced weaver, you will appreciate the many ingenious features SAORI looms and accessories offer.

  • If you have physical challenges, SAORI looms can be adapted with special attach­ments to make weaving accessible and enjoyable.




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